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 3rd Coast Captains Mariners Training Schools has a very high success rate with our students.  However, we make no warranty or guarantee of a student's ability to pass our course and or to receive the OUPV or Master's Credential.  The NMC and the Coast Guard are the regulatory agency that must approve each student to receive their credentials.  There are many factors that can impact your ability to receive your OUPV or Masters credential.  Things that can impact your ability to receive your credential include, but are not limited to; physical fitness for duty, criminal record, chronic disease, medications taken and or inability to pass the coursework.  These are some of the  items for each student that could prevent them from receiving their OUPV or Masters credential.  If a student is concerned about their ability to receive their credential, prior to taking their course with us, they should contact the National Maritime Center about their particular medical condition, physical fitness, criminal record, or any other limiting condition. It should be noted that students with prior criminal history have received their credentials.  Each student is evaluated on a case by case basis by the NMC.  The student should discuss with that agency how any limiting condition or issue might impact their ability to receive their OUPV or Masters credential, Medical Certificate or Waiver for a Medical Condition.  The student should remove any doubt about their ability to receive their OUPV,  Masters credential, Medical Certificate or Waiver for a Medical Condition from the Coast Guard and the NMC before spending the time and money to take our course.  

New Classes for 2021

Week Ends

Week 1 Houston-Week-End OUPV Friday Evening March 5th 2020 6-10PM, Saturday and Sunday March 6th and 7th  10-7 PM
​Week 2 Houston-Week-End OUPV Friday Evening March 12nd 2020 6-10PM, Saturday and Sunday March 13th and 14th  10-7 PM
Week 3 Houston-Week-End OUPV  Friday Evening March 19th 2020 6-10PM, Saturday and Sunday January 20th and 21st  10-7 PM

Class is three week-end Sessions
All Testing is Included in the course.
​Full Time Attendance to all three Week-End Sessions required and
Passing all exams are required to successfully complete the class

Masters 25-50-100 Ton Class

OUPV is a Prerequisite.
       Friday Evening  March 26th 6-10 PM,  Saturday and Sunday March 27th & 28th 10AM-7PM

Testing is included in the cost of the course*​


We offer OUPV Renewal Classes

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​OUPV Classes

​​Houston OUPV 2021 Classes

Class Starts Friday 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Saturday Sunday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM